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About Goddess Cillian

You may refer to Me as Goddess Cillian. I am a professional Dominatrix who has been practicing BDSM for the better part of a decade. I embody the reverence and poise of high femininity and the unrelenting power it holds. I have no need for demanding power, for when you are at my feet you will give it freely.

I am a sensual sadist who is equal parts villainous and benevolent. I am edifying and curious, exploring the corridors of My submissives' desires to reveal the true nature that lies within. My style is distinct, unexpected, and intoxicating — leaving an indelible mark on those who are fortunate enough to serve Me. 

My Virtues

Among all of my virtues consent is the most paramount. I am well practiced in the art of negotiation and obtaining enthusiastic, continuous consent. Limits are respected, honored, and celebrated in My world. 

Creativity is a treasured virtue of mine. I find immense pleasure in bringing visions and fantasies to life in new, exciting ways. I embrace the world of possibilities and the growth that it brings. 

Another virtue of mine is fortitude. I deeply cherish my unshakeable resolve. Moving through the world with courage and determination has cultivated a quiet yet undeniable confidence within Me that is felt by those graced with My presence. 



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